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If you're looking to advance your procurement career and gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed, the LHTS 10 week Basic Procurement Certificate is the perfect choice. This comprehensive program is designed to give you a solid foundation in the fundamentals of procurement, including operative-, tactical, and management processes.

The LHTS 10 week procurement basic Procurement Certificate is a fully online program that can be completed at your own pace. With a combination of online courses, written exams, and verbal exams, you'll gain a deep understanding of the procurement process and develop the skills you need to succeed in this dynamic and challenging field.

What sets the LHTS 10 week procurement basic Procurement Certificate apart from other procurement programs is its focus on real-world skills and practical knowledge. You'll learn from experienced procurement professionals who have worked in a variety of industries, giving you a broad perspective on procurement best practices and strategies.

So why wait? If you're ready to take your procurement career to the next level, the LHTS 10 week procurement basic Procurement Certificate is the perfect choice. Sign up today and start your journey towards procurement success!

Key Features:

  • Course schedule is developed by participant and LHTS.
  • The program is on a basic level. Basic level is for those who are new to the Procurement area or have been working within a single role within procurement and want to understand the different roles, and its processes, in more depth. You learn the language of Procurement.
  • The program is based on LHTS online courses combined with experienced senior program management which run regular sessions to congest the knowledge presented and discuss how to convert theory into practice.
  • The program is part-time (approx 10-20% of FTE), distance- and web based. Online courses are available anytime and meetings with program management are e-meetings. You can, during the program, contact your mentor for advice via chat, mail or e-meeting.
  • Each online course has a quiz and a course completion certificate. At the end of the program each participant's knowledge is verified via a written and a verbal test. All activities need to be completed to receive the program certificate.

In short, after completing the program you have an experienced procurement executive telling the world; you have the skills to become a professional buyer.

Who should attend the program?

These are examples where it makes sense to enter 10w Procurement program.

  • Are you about to enter (or apply for) a procurement role and need a basic understanding of the scope and responsibility of a successful procurement department?

  • Are you experienced in a specific procurement role but want to widen your understanding of the procurement area - from operative processes to the role of a CPO.

  • It is time for a new career. Changing careers can bring numerous benefits and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • Are you a Procurement manager and have found a candidate to your department with the right market-, product- and company knowledge but the candidate needs to learn the basics in Procurement?

Frequently asked questions

You are always welcome to contact us, should you have any questions.

  • The title says 10 weeks. Do I have to complete the programin 10 weeks?

    No, the appointed mentor and participant create a schedule in the beginning of the program. We have examples of programs executed in 4 weeks and in 16 weeks.

  • Do I have to pay with credit card/Pay pal? I would like to have an invoice sent to my employer .

    No problem, we can issue invoice after receiving a Purchase Order.

  • I am Procurement Manager and would like the Program be integrated in the introduction program in my procurement department. Can we arrange a SLA and discounted price list?

    Yes, of course. It is a very good idea to align the procurement language in-between all team members.

  • We have a trainee program for junior buyers. Can we run a team in the program instead of individual programs?

    Yes. But we recommend groups up to 5 participants. Mainly because all mentor sessions are managed in e-meetings and it is hard to keep all participants involved when groups include higher count. When running groups we usually increase the meeting frequency to once a week.

  • What languages do you support?

    All online courses are in English (with captions). We currently have mentors capable in running mentor sessions in English, Finnish, Spanish and Swedish.


If you have any questions about the program or want to schedule a meeting.

Why should you attend the program

Mikael Ekinge, Procurement Director at Siemens Energy, Sweden.

The program is strong with relevant content and adaptable to participants schedules. One should remember, the program is not a walk in the park. The participant must allocate time and energy to absorb the new knowledge. Both you as manager and the participant will get high value in return.
Mikael Ekinge at Siemens Energy

Beside Mentor-led online meetings....

...are following online courses included in the program

About Learn How to Source

Learn How to Source is an online platform based in Sweden, offering a range of procurement courses accessible globally. It serves as a community where procurement experts share their knowledge through online courses, designed for various experience levels from introductory to expert. Courses are concise, about 30 minutes each, and cover different aspects of procurement, tailored for different buyer roles. The courses focus on practical knowledge, presented by seasoned professionals, and include quizzes and certificates. They can be accessed from any device, emphasizing microlearning for flexibility and efficiency.