How do you feel when reading GTC?

Like watching a Dali painting?

Confused and puzzled? Yes, don't we all, at least the first times. But do not worry. This course will take you through a standard GTC and it will all make sence.
Reading General terms and conditions for the first time

Course presentation

Introduction to General Terms and Conditions in Procurement

Course Duration: 

Approx. 25 Minutes

Course Overview:

Welcome to this basic course designed for new buyers in the field of procurement. Understanding and effectively utilizing General Terms and Conditions (GTC) as part of your Purchase Orders is a fundamental skill for managing supply chain risk. This course provides a foundational understanding of GTC, tailored specifically for those new to procurement.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Basics of General Terms and Conditions: Gain an understanding of what General Terms and Conditions are and why they might be a crucial part of Purchase Orders in procurement.
  • Risk Management through GTC: Learn how GTCs help in managing basic supply chain risks, protecting your business from various operational challenges.
  • Tailoring GTC to Your Business: While the specifics of GTCs vary by business, understand the common elements that are typically included and how they can be customized to fit your organization's needs.
  • Real-Life Example Analysis: We'll dissect a real-life example of General Terms and Conditions (Volvo) to illustrate how they are structured and applied in practical scenarios.
  • Drafting Your First GTC: Get insights into drafting basic GTCs for your Purchase Orders. This will be a beginner-friendly guide to start you on the path of creating effective procurement documents.


Who Should Enroll:

  • New buyers in the procurement field seeking a foundational understanding of GTC.
  • Junior procurement professionals aiming to enhance their skills in contract management.
  • Any individual interested in understanding the basics of supply chain risk management through contractual terms.

Course Benefits:

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of the role and importance of General Terms and Conditions in procurement. You'll be equipped with the knowledge to start drafting basic GTCs, setting the stage for effective risk management in your supply chain operations.

This course is an excellent starting point for new buyers and procurement professionals, offering a concise yet comprehensive introduction to one of the key elements of procurement contracts and risk management.


    1. Learning Objectives

    1. General Terms and Conditions and Frame Purchase Agreement.

    1. Download Powerpoint slides presented in the course.

    2. Introducing Volvo's General Purchasing Terms and Conditions as an example of Purchasing Terms and Conditions

    1. Page 1 include, for example, paragraphs regarding which legal entities within Volvo who can use these T&Cs , Definitions, Conclusions of a purchase agreement and contractual documents and more.

    1. Page 2 include, for example, Price and Payment Delivery and Passing of Title, Warranty for parts, Liability for defects or other non-conforming deliveries, Warranty for type- bound tooling ordered by Volvo.

    1. Page 3 include, for example, Relocation of production, Code of conduct- environmental concern, Intellectual Property rights and Provision of parts.

About this course

  • €20,00
  • 12 lessons
  • Basic level - Operative buyer role
  • 25 min
  • Quizz and Certificate

Meet Fredrik, your Instructor

Senior instructor. Fredrik Axelsson

Meet Fredrik, a seasoned procurement professional from Gothenburg, Sweden, with a Master's in Economics from Gothenburg University and an Executive MBA from Stockholm Business School. With roles at LM Ericsson, Solectron Sweden AB, Axelson Purchasing Resources AB, Saab AB, and Alstom/GE, Fredrik has amassed expertise in sourcing and procurement. In 2017, he launched Sourcing Partner, a procurement consultancy firm how also own and manage Learn How to Source. Fredrik's diverse experience spans from Operative Buyer to Sourcing Director and roles like Commodity Manager and Business Development, in line organizations and projects, including industries like banking and manufacturing. Fredrik's story is one of continuous growth, learning, and adaptation, making him a well-rounded professional with a wealth of knowledge to offer.

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