Understanding Procurement leadership

As businesses grow and evolve, the pivotal role of procurement becomes increasingly apparent. The seamless integration of strategies, tools, and people is essential to achieve operational excellence in procurement. This course will guide you through the intricate landscape of procurement, delving deep into its three foundational perspectives: Category Management, PMT (Processes, Methods, and Workflows), and Organization & Roles.

Whether you are a seasoned procurement professional seeking to refine your expertise or a novice eager to grasp the fundamentals, this course promises a comprehensive exploration of how strategic objectives shape and influence procurement decisions. . By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the basic knowledge on managing companies procurement functions towards success and strategic alignment.

Join us on this enlightening journey and redefine your approach to procurement management.


    1. Introducing Learning Objectives.

    1. Competence levels and course categories.

    1. Download the slides shown in the course.

    2. Introducing Vision, Mission (business idea), Strategy...

    3. Developing a strategy

    1. Building your organization - roles and competencies needed.

    1. Introducing a Process overview and supporting methods and tools.

    2. Execute your strategy

    1. Questions to help you verify the Learning Objectives.

About this course

  • €20,00
  • 12 lessons
  • Introduction level - Procurement management
  • 25 min + reading
  • Quizz and Certificate


Senior instructor. Fredrik Axelsson

Meet Fredrik, a seasoned procurement professional from Gothenburg, Sweden, with a Master's in Economics from Gothenburg University and an Executive MBA from Stockholm Business School. With roles at LM Ericsson, Solectron Sweden AB, Axelson Purchasing Resources AB, Saab AB, and Alstom/GE, Fredrik has amassed expertise in sourcing and procurement. In 2017, he launched Sourcing Partner, a procurement consultancy firm how also own and manage Learn How to Source. Fredrik's diverse experience spans from Operative Buyer to Sourcing Director and roles like Commodity Manager and Business Development, in line organizations and projects, including industries like banking and manufacturing. Fredrik's story is one of continuous growth, learning, and adaptation, making him a well-rounded professional with a wealth of knowledge to offer.

Next step - introduction level

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Next step - basic level

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    Operation Strategy Matrix

    This course will provide you with an understanding of Professor Nigel Slack's Operation Strategy Matrix. The Strategy Matrix is an excellent tool for Procurement Management when converting the Company strategy to Procurement strategy.
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Course is included in following bundles

  • Free

    Introduction to LHTS and Procurement

    Introduction to operative procurement, tactical procurement and procurement management. The procurement basic roles and concepts. Learn how LHTS organize it's learning and how to integrate learning in your day to day work (we call it Microlearning).
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    Procurement management program

    This bundle of courses offers a comprehensive understanding of a Chief Procurement Officer's responsibilities, focusing on the Operation Strategy Matrix for aligning procurement with organizational goals. It covers structuring procurement functions, competence management, sourcing KPIs, category management implementation, value management, CSR in procurement, digitalization in procurement including various technologies, and the importance of a Supplier Code of Conduct. The course concludes with a personalized e-meeting to apply these insights practically.
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    LHTS 10 week Basic Procurement training - individual

    If you're looking to advance your procurement career and gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed, the LHTS 10 week Basic Procurement Certificate is the perfect choice. This comprehensive program is designed to give you a solid foundation in the fundamentals of procurement, including operative-, tactical, and management processes. The LHTS 10 week procurement basic Procurement Certificate is a fully online program that can be completed at your own pace. With a combination of online courses, written exams, and verbal exams, you'll gain a deep understanding of the procurement process and develop the skills you need to succeed in this dynamic and challenging field. What sets the LHTS 10 week procurement basic Procurement Certificate apart from other procurement programs is its focus on real-world skills and practical knowledge. You'll learn from experienced procurement professionals who have worked in a variety of industries, giving you a broad perspective on procurement best practices and strategies. So why wait? If you're ready to take your procurement career to the next level, the LHTS 10 week procurement basic Procurement Certificate is the perfect choice. Sign up today and start your journey towards procurement success!
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About Learn How to Source

Learn How to Source is an online platform based in Sweden, offering a range of procurement courses accessible globally. It serves as a community where procurement experts share their knowledge through online courses, designed for various experience levels from introductory to expert. Courses are concise, about 30 minutes each, and cover different aspects of procurement, tailored for different buyer roles. The courses focus on practical knowledge, presented by seasoned professionals, and include quizzes and certificates. They can be accessed from any device, emphasizing microlearning for flexibility and efficiency.