Conducting RFQ by EFFSO

A Basic Course Overview


The world of procurement can be intricate, with various processes, terminologies, and strategies to master. "Conducting RFQ by EFFSO" is a course designed to provide beginners with a clear understanding of the foundational elements of the procurement landscape, specifically focusing on RFI, RFP, and RFQ. Crafted by the renowned purchasing consultancy, EFFSO, this course promises to offer insights backed by years of advanced experience in the purchasing field.

Course Highlights:

Understanding the Basics:

  • RFI (Request for Information): This segment introduces participants to the purpose and significance of RFI in the sourcing process, enabling them to discern when and how to use it effectively.
  • RFP (Request for Proposal): Participants will gain insights into the intricacies of RFPs, understanding their role in soliciting solutions and proposals from potential suppliers.
  • RFQ (Request for Quotation): As the course's main focus, this section dives deep into the RFQ process, guiding learners on its significance, structure, and execution.
  • Overview of the Sourcing Process: Beyond the primary terminologies, the course provides a snapshot of the overarching sourcing process, allowing participants to see how RFI, RFP, and RFQ fit into the bigger picture.

Why Choose Conducting RFQ by EFFSO?

  • Prestigious Pedigree: EFFSO stands as the leading purchasing consultancy in the Nordic countries, boasting a combination of long-standing and advanced experience in the procurement domain.
  • Practical Relevance: Designed specifically for early-stage buyers, this course addresses the initial challenges they face, equipping them with practical tools and knowledge to navigate the procurement world.
  • Diverse Expertise: EFFSO’s prowess isn’t limited to just one facet of purchasing. Whether it's digitization, purchasing strategy, or a category project, the consultancy has proven expertise in diverse challenges. 

This broad experience enriches the course content, ensuring that it remains relevant, comprehensive, and aligned with industry best practices.

Who should attend?

If you are starting your journey in the procurement field , "Conducting RFQ by EFFSO" promises a holistic learning experience. With EFFSO’s legacy of helping companies achieve unparalleled results in their purchasing endeavors, this course is more than just an educational endeavor; it’s a step towards professional excellence in the world of procurement.

Conducting RFQs - introduction.

Learn the difference between RFI, RFP and RFQ. EFFSO will present how to conduct a RFQ including some best practices (11 minutes).

    1. Explaining what Request for Quotation (RFQ), Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) are.

    1. Introducing the three steps of the RFQ process. Plan and prepare, Conduct the RFQ and Close the deal

    1. EFFSO Quiz 8: Conducting RFQ - have you got it?

    1. Key takeaways from the course.

    2. Refections after the course

About this course

  • €20,00
  • 6 lessons
  • Basic course


Get unbeatable procurement results! EFFSO’s extensive experience in procurement enables organizations to achieve concrete results. Regardless of the challenge!

EFFSO is a leading procurement consultancy in the Nordics, passionate about procurement excellence and change management. Since 2007, they've offered expert management consulting services in procurement, including spend analysis, potential assessment, category management, and more. EFFSO's experienced consultants manage everything from category projects to coordinating major transformations for procurement functions. They focus on developing procurement operations to achieve tangible results, enhancing the value of procurement in organizations. EFFSO also values nurturing procurement talent, offering great development opportunities and a friendly workplace.

For more information, visit EFFSO's homepage.

Sourcing Process 1

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Introduction of the basic steps in and concepts of a standardized sourcing process.

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