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Course Level: 

Introduction level course.  Approx: 15-20 minutes + reading.

Course Description:

Do want to learn more about procurement function and the job description of a professional buyer?

Great, this course is a perfect starting point for you who seek more knowledge about procurement or consider changing your current career.

You will gain insights into the three distinct roles in purchasing departments: tactical, operational, and management, exploring each with distinct descriptions.

LHTS, which is short for Learn How To Source, is a community for those who seek procurement knowledge. Learn how to get the most out of the community.

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Learning Objectives:

By completing this Introduction course, you will learn:

  • a model presenting the skills you need as a buyer. 
  • how to get the most out of Learn How to Source.
  • an introduction to the key Procurement Roles.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Individuals considering a career change into procurement.

  • New entrants in the field of procurement seeking foundational knowledge.

  • Professionals in related fields who wish to gain insights into procurement.

  • Anyone with a curiosity about the strategic role of procurement in business.

Why This Course:

LHTS stands apart with its accessible, community-driven learning approach. This course is a gateway to a thriving community of learners and experts. You'll have the opportunity to engage, discuss, and grow with peers and professionals, making your learning journey both comprehensive and enjoyable.

Embark on your path to procurement mastery. Sign up for free and unlock the door to a wealth of knowledge and a thriving professional community. With LHTS, you're not just learning - you're transforming your career.

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5 star rating

good to learn basics of sourcing

Fawad Ali shaikh

very informative course for begineers and e certificate is plus advantage.

very informative course for begineers and e certificate is plus advantage.

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5 star rating

logistic training

Sultan Ahmad Zarghoon

good i like know more more

good i like know more more

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5 star rating

appetizing content

omobolanle shobande

the course gave an introduction that makes one want to learn more

the course gave an introduction that makes one want to learn more

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5 star rating


Angelo Francis



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5 star rating


Jagath Wickramasinghe



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5 star rating

The basics

Akhtar Munir

Useful information.

Useful information.

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5 star rating

Automotive engineering

Gordon Odhiambo

5 star rating

Category Leader - HR Services Europe

Juho Massinen

Compact /Short introduction to purchasing and sourcing, for those who would like to understand the different roles of Purchasing/ Sourcing,

Compact /Short introduction to purchasing and sourcing, for those who would like to understand the different roles of Purchasing/ Sourcing,

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    1. First time attending a course

    2. The Learning targets

    3. Introducing Tina, course assistant.

    1. Introducing the model

    2. The model house 6 knowledge areas

    3. Explaining Generic procurement knowledge area

    4. How to use the model (3 examples)

    1. Key building blocks of Learn How to Source

    2. Discussion and site Community - ask questions and interact with other buyers.

    3. Blogposts integrated in the courses

    4. Summarizing the key building blocks of LHTS

    1. The Procurement roles - Operative, Tactical and Manager

    1. Procurement experience survey - 2 questions

    2. Recommended next step

About this course

  • Free
  • 14 lessons
  • Introduction level
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 15-20 min + reading to complete

Instructor Fredrik Axelsson

Senior instructor. Fredrik Axelsson

Meet Fredrik, a seasoned procurement professional from Gothenburg, Sweden, with a Master's in Economics from Gothenburg University and an Executive MBA from Stockholm Business School. With roles at LM Ericsson, Solectron Sweden AB, Axelson Purchasing Resources AB, Saab AB, and Alstom/GE, Fredrik has amassed expertise in sourcing and procurement. In 2017, he launched Sourcing Partner, a procurement consultancy firm how also own and manage Learn How to Source. Fredrik's diverse experience spans from Operative Buyer to Sourcing Director and roles like Commodity Manager and Business Development, in line organizations and projects, including industries like banking and manufacturing. Fredrik's story is one of continuous growth, learning, and adaptation, making him a well-rounded professional with a wealth of knowledge to offer.

Why a Procurement career?

As a procurement professional who regularly trains new buyers and advises aspiring procurement specialists, I have observed that procurement is often the unsung hero in the success of a company. The role of procurement extends far beyond the simple act of purchasing goods and services. It is a strategic function that can significantly influence a company's bottom line, operational efficiency, and overall market competitiveness.

Strategic Value Creation

Procurement is not just about cost savings; it's about value creation. It involves strategically sourcing goods and services that not only meet the quality and cost requirements but also align with the company's broader business objectives. Strategic sourcing can lead to innovations, improved product quality, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Risk Management and Compliance

One of the critical roles of procurement is managing risk and ensuring compliance. This includes assessing supplier risks, ensuring continuity of supply, and complying with laws and regulations. Effective risk management by procurement professionals can protect companies from potential financial losses, legal penalties, and reputational damage.

Supplier Relationship Management

Procurement professionals play a pivotal role in managing relationships with suppliers. This involves negotiating contracts, ensuring suppliers meet their obligations, and working collaboratively with suppliers to achieve mutual benefits. Strong supplier relationships can lead to improved quality, innovation, and even cost reductions over time.

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

Modern procurement functions are increasingly responsible for driving sustainable and ethical sourcing practices. This includes ensuring suppliers adhere to environmental standards and ethical labor practices. Sustainable procurement practices can enhance a company’s reputation and contribute to long-term success.

Cost Management and Efficiency

Effective procurement helps companies manage and reduce costs. Procurement professionals use their expertise to negotiate favorable terms, leverage economies of scale, and identify cost-saving opportunities. They also play a role in optimizing internal processes, reducing waste, and improving efficiency.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Procurement is increasingly data-driven. Procurement professionals analyze data to make informed decisions about suppliers, spend management, and market trends. This data-driven approach enables more strategic procurement decisions, driving efficiency and competitive advantage.

Procurement as a Career Path

For those considering a career in procurement, it offers a dynamic and impactful profession. It provides opportunities to contribute strategically to a company’s success, engage in diverse activities from negotiation to sustainability, and develop a broad skill set that is highly valued in the business world.

In conclusion, procurement is a multifaceted and critical function within companies. It requires a blend of strategic thinking, risk management, relationship building, and ethical considerations. Effective procurement drives cost savings, innovation, and competitive advantage, making it an integral part of a company's success and an exciting career choice for professionals.

I hope to see you at Learn How to Source /// Fredrik

Continuously develop your procurement skills

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    Introduction to LHTS and Procurement

    Introduction to operative procurement, tactical procurement and procurement management. The procurement basic roles and concepts. Learn how LHTS organize it's learning and how to integrate learning in your day to day work (we call it Microlearning).
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    Basics for an Operative Buyer

    In this bundle, we delve into the essential role of procurement and its evolution over recent years. Our curriculum is anchored in the foundational theories of Arjan van Weele, who outlines the operational and tactical aspects of procurement, and the insights of Gadde and Håkansson on the buyer's decision-making process. We explore how procurement choices impact the daily operations of buyers and the adaptability required in handling various products and services. A fundamental skill for any buyer is the ability to draft a contract, commonly in the form of a purchase order (PO). This bundle offers a comprehensive introduction to POs, including their structure and purpose. We also discuss the crucial input required from the tactical procurement perspective and the essential information an operational buyer needs to effectively create a PO. Understanding your organization's general terms and conditions, as well as those of your suppliers, is crucial for managing commercial risks. We provide practical, real-world examples to illustrate these concepts, aiding both tactical and operational buyers in grasping these important elements. The course culminates in a unique, interactive experience: a one-on-one, 60-minute e-meeting with a course instructor. This session is designed to translate the knowledge from our online lectures into actionable skills, bridging the gap between theory and real-world application. Embark on this informative journey with us and enhance your procurement skills for professional success.
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About Learn How to Source

Learn How to Source is an online platform based in Sweden, offering a range of procurement courses accessible globally. It serves as a community where procurement experts share their knowledge through online courses, designed for various experience levels from introductory to expert. Courses are concise, about 30 minutes each, and cover different aspects of procurement, tailored for different buyer roles. The courses focus on practical knowledge, presented by seasoned professionals, and include quizzes and certificates. They can be accessed from any device, emphasizing microlearning for flexibility and efficiency.