EFFSO course about Value Management

"In this online course offered by EFFSO, we delve deep into the intricate dynamics of Value Management from a buyer perspective. Our aim is to demystify its definitions, illuminate its core purposes, and unfold the range of buyer relevant tools that contribute to its successful implementation. You will gain robust understanding of the multifaceted concept of Value Management, enabling you to articulate its intricate process and discern its integral role in enhancing business effectiveness and efficiency. We journey together through the step-by-step process of Value Management, fostering your capability to lead and manage value-creating initiatives in complex buyer-supplier environments. Join us as we explore the practical and theoretical dimensions of Value Management, empowering you to drive sustainable value and impact in your organization." /// Jenny Vårlid, EFFSO.


17 minutes

    1. The history behind the concept of value management.

    1. What Value is and how Value can be enhanced.

    1. Introducing 6 approaches to optimize product function.

    1. The 5 steps of the Value management process

    1. EFFSO Quiz 5: Value Management - have you got it?

About this course

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  • 8 lessons


Get unbeatable procurement results! EFFSO’s extensive experience in procurement enables organizations to achieve concrete results. Regardless of the challenge!

EFFSO is a leading procurement consultancy in the Nordics, passionate about procurement excellence and change management. Since 2007, they've offered expert management consulting services in procurement, including spend analysis, potential assessment, category management, and more. EFFSO's experienced consultants manage everything from category projects to coordinating major transformations for procurement functions. They focus on developing procurement operations to achieve tangible results, enhancing the value of procurement in organizations. EFFSO also values nurturing procurement talent, offering great development opportunities and a friendly workplace.

For more information, visit EFFSO's homepage.

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