Who should attend Procurement Orientation

If you are looking for a basic understanding of the Procurement function, this bundle is for you. Maybe you are an executive who manage a procurement function or are considering a procurement career. Maybe you work at a R/D department and want to understand your colleagues at Procurement. After completion of the courses included in the bundle you have a basic understanding of the key procurement processes and speak the language of procurement. During the courses you will learn about three key procurement roles:

  • Operative Buyer

    The Operative buyer issue all Purchase Orders. You will learn about the the proper content of a Purchase order, the processes connected to Procure to Pay (from Purchase Order to paid Invoice), get an introduction to General terms and conditions. As part of the operative buyer courses, you will learn what are required in a strong commercial contract in order to manage a supplier relationship without disturbances and unnecessary distractions (risks).

  • Tactical buyer

    The Tactical buyer role decide all commercial conditions with suppliers. As part of the courses related to the tactical buyer role you will learn how to send a RFQ, get negotiation tips and understand when to have competitive or collaborative approach (with the help of Kraljic's Matrix). You will learn how to conduct a market analysis and continuously monitor your market and its suppliers. You will get introduction to procurement e-auctions as negotiation method.

  • Procurement manager

    The Procurement manager decide the strategy and how to organize the procurement department. Learn more about key prioritized of a Procurement manager, how to convert an operational strategy to a procurement strategy. Roles and organizational structure of your procurement department, processes and operational development and category management are key drivers of efficiency, learn how these strategic components can be managed.

More than 30 courses included

10 - 15 hours of learning - anytime and anywhere

The courses are listed in an order recommended to attend the courses. Start with courses about the operative buyer role, continue with the tactical buyer role and end with the manager perspective. Courses are available anytime (24/7) and can be accessed via web browser. Select your pace and attend the courses when it fits your schedule. Presentation material are available for download in connection to each course.

Courses included in the bundle

These courses will not only introduce you to the Professional Buyer role, but also provide you with knowledge to act like one.

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