Introduction to LHTS and Procurement

A Comprehensive Course Bundle Overview


In the modern business ecosystem, the Buyer role stands out as a cornerstone, bridging the needs of organizations with sustainable, efficient, and quality-driven suppliers. The "Introduction to LHTS and Procurement" bundle is meticulously curated to provide an general perspective of the world of procurement and the pivotal roles buyers play within it.

Who Should Take This Bundle?

Aspiring Buyers: Anyone intrigued by the Buyer role and its significance in today's business landscape will find this course immensely beneficial.

Professionals in Adjacent Roles: If you're looking to understand how procurement intersects with other business functions, this bundle offers a comprehensive viewpoint.

Companies & HRs: Organizations aiming to train their employees in the essentials of procurement can utilize this bundle as a foundational resource.

Course Highlights:

Unveiling the Buyer Role: Dive deep into the responsibilities, challenges, and rewards of a Buyer. Understand how they are pivotal in selecting and nurturing suppliers who prioritize sustainability.

Three Facets of Buying:

  • Operative Role: Explore the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of an operative buyer. Learn about the hands-on approach needed to ensure smooth and efficient procurement processes.
  • Tactical Role: Delve into the strategies and methodologies that tactical buyers employ to optimize sourcing, manage supplier relationships, and ensure long-term procurement success.
  • Managerial Role: Understand the leadership aspect of buying, focusing on overseeing teams, setting procurement strategies, and making high-level decisions to align with organizational goals.

Key Processes & Methodologies: Each buyer role has its unique set of processes. Grasp the operational, strategic, and managerial procedures vital for each role. This equips learners with the tools to excel in whichever buyer role they resonate with.

The Language of a Buyer: Just like every profession has its jargon, the world of procurement is no different. Acquaint yourself with key terminologies, acronyms, and phrases, ensuring you can communicate effectively in procurement circles.

Why Choose the "Introduction to LHTS and Procurement" Bundle?

Holistic Curriculum: Instead of focusing on isolated aspects of procurement, this bundle offers a 360-degree view, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the domain.

Career Advancement: Equipped with knowledge spanning all three key buyer roles, participants can chart a clear career path in procurement, from operative roles right up to managerial positions which form a basis for more in-depth learning. 


The "Introduction to LHTS and Procurement" bundle is more than just a set of courses; it's a starting point to a journey into the intricate and fascinating world of procurement. Continuing the journey into procurement, the learner will meet sustainability, strategic thinking, and operational excellence, it prepares learners not just for a job but for a thriving career in a role that's becoming more significant with each passing day. Dive in and master the language of a Buyer!

Following courses are included

The bundle takes about one hour and forty-five minutes to complete (+extra reading)

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