Managing a Procurement e-Auction

It is recommend to attend the course "Setting up a procurement e-Auction" before enrolling to this course, should you have little or no previous knowledge of procurement e-Auctions. In this course we learn about running the procurement e-auction, monitoring the bidding process, the purpose and importance of a war room, evaluating bids and selecting the winning supplier.


    1. Key steps

    1. Download slides and reading material

    2. Supplier perspective and preparation

    3. The war room

    4. Monitor the e-auction in real-time

    1. Evaluate bids and award the contract

    2. E-auction tools support analyzing the result.

    3. Awarding

    4. Message to suppliers after the e-Auction is completed.

    5. Message internally after e-Auction is completed

    6. Awarding and Contracting

    7. Continuous improvement

    1. Introducing PlastiQParts -a fictive company

    2. Best practice Category strategy - plastic injection molds (tools)

    3. Reflections on a the plastic moulding tooling strategy

    1. Questions to help you verify that you meet the Learning Objectives.

About this course

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  • Advanced level - Tactical buyer role
  • 20 min
  • Quizz and Certificate

Fredrik Axelsson lead the course

Senior instructor. Fredrik Axelsson

Meet Fredrik, a seasoned procurement professional from Gothenburg, Sweden, with a Master's in Economics from Gothenburg University and an Executive MBA from Stockholm Business School. With roles at LM Ericsson, Solectron Sweden AB, Axelson Purchasing Resources AB, Saab AB, and Alstom/GE, Fredrik has amassed expertise in sourcing and procurement. In 2017, he launched Sourcing Partner, a procurement consultancy firm how also own and manage Learn How to Source. Fredrik's diverse experience spans from Operative Buyer to Sourcing Director and roles like Commodity Manager and Business Development, in line organizations and projects, including industries like banking and manufacturing. Fredrik's story is one of continuous growth, learning, and adaptation, making him a well-rounded professional with a wealth of knowledge to offer.

Perspectives on Procurement E-Auctions (Course 4 of 4)

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In crafting our comprehensive courses on Procurement E-Auctions, we've harnessed the collective wisdom of the procurement community, incorporating their firsthand experiences and valuable insights.

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    Procurement e-Auction

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    Tactical Buyer role - Advanced level Certificate

    Are you looking to elevate your skills in procurement and sourcing? Our Tactical Buyer Training Bundle is an online course series crafted to meet the unique demands of procurement professionals, particularly those in a tactical buyer role.
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