• Why do I need to register as a user to attend a course?

    Learn How to Source supply courses including course certificates. Certificate is issued to the user completing a course or a program.

  • Is there any cost connected to register as a user?

    No, there is no cost connected to being a user.

  • How do I purchase a course?

    Learn How to Source is a web shop where users purchase access to each course, bundle or program. Payment is managed by Payment partners. Payment partners are PayPal or Stripe depending on user preference.

  • Can I stop being a user?

    Yes, of course. All courses are one-time buy and user can always request deletion of user data by contacting Learn How to Source

  • Why to I need to register City, Post-code and Country.

    Learn How to Source's point of sale is Sweden and in order to comply to Swedish Accounting and VAT principles, customer location must be registered. See also Terms of Use and Customer Privacy Principle.